Hummer Cupcake, for 2011 birthday

Flower Cupcakes, for 2011 birthday

Ladybug cupcakes for a birthday (2011)

Closeup of ladybug cupcake (2011)

Campout cake with s'mores, campfire, tent and lake, July 2009

Rainbow cupcakes, January 2009

Princess dressing room cake, January 2009

Teapot cake for 4th birthday. Fondant is your friend!

Teapot birthday cake (back side).

Cinderella and Prince Charming birthday cake, 2008

Pair of truck carrot cakes (2007). These used a special baking pan to get the general shape, then decorated.

Bratwurst Cake (for Octoberfest), 2007

Golden Snitch Cake, 2007

Hamburger Cake, 2007

Hay Bales (shredded wheat and chocolate), 2007

Truck Birthday Cake, 2007

Easter Cookie, 2007

Easter Cookies, 2007

Easter Cookies, 2007

Cinderella Birthday Cake, 2007

Castle Cake, 2007

Train and Truck Cake, 2006

Easter Cookies, 2006

Easter Cookies, 2006

Easter Cookies, 2006

Number Cookies, 2006

Birthday Cake, 2005

Fire Truck Birthday Cake, 2004

Ghost cookies (Nutter-Butters), Halloween 2002

Peanut butter cookie wands, Halloween 2002

Pumpkin-shaped cheese breads with tomatoe sauce, Halloween 2002

Pumpkin-shaped cheese dip with apples and crackers, Halloween 2002

Airplane Cake, 2002

Set up for a wine/food pairing dinner, Winter 1999.

Cake from the wine/food pairing dinner.

Snowman cookies from Christmas Party 1998.

Gingerbread house with "No L" on the roof, Christmas 1998. Home made gingerbread and frosting.

More Gingerbread house. Thatch roof is Shredded Wheat.

Jelly-Bellys for rocks on the chimney.

Easter cookies with with a home-made cookie cutter, Easter 1998.

Christmas light cookies, Christmas 1997. Made with home-made cookie cutter.

Beautiful cake from a wedding shower, 1997.

Christmas party 1996.

Peppermint-chocolate pretzels, Christmas 1996.

Peppercorn-cheese wreath, Christmas 1996.

Truffle Tree with home made truffles, Christmas 1996.

Fouth of July, 1996.