Mia-Mo, our 1992 Black'n'Tan "C" Package Miata, was the limited edition package that year. 1992 was the first year for black for the Miata, and wasn't suppose to be offered after 1992, but due to such overwhelming response, it has been an available color ever since.

Mia-Mo has the following "enhancements":

Click here to see dyno runs with the above setup.

We participated for several years in the Peachtree Miata Club, including stints as Vice-President, President and Newsletter Editor.

Check out some of our favorite books on roadsters.

Joe is a Guest Gearhead for the Peach Buzz, the monthly newsletter of Peachtree Miata. Below are some of the articles he has written for Peach Buzz:

TSI Performance Comparison (part posted to the Miata List Server, too)

Replacement of the Rear Window Zipper

Installation of Brainstorm Product's HKg dual center exhaust

Notes on the Changing of a Timing Belt and Front Oil Seal

Joe has also had several of his Miata photographs published, including in the 1997-II issue of Miata Magazine ("Miata Games National Event in Atlanta, GA"), and on miata.net here and here.

Pictures from past Miata events we have done:

10th Anniversary Celebrataion (May 1999) -- 1999 National Event! (Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3)

Pictures from Miata Mountain Madness (July 1998) -- 1998 National Event!

Miata Games (Summer 1996) -- 1996 National Event!

Below are parts lists for the 1992 Miata with diagrams, etc:

1992 Miata Parts List part 1

1992 Miata Parts List part 2

1992 Miata Parts List part 3