Rally Pac

I had been lusting after a Rally Pac for a while. Since the car had been running so well recently, I had actually saved up a few dollars and was able to buy a used one on Ebay.

Of course the rally pac came in pretty bad shape (I couldn't afford a "nice" one). This is the clock mechanism, which amazingly enough, still worked fine!

Click here for a movie of the clock "ticking" action before replacement of the mechanism. The original mechanism worked fine, but gained about 1-2 minutes per hour.

This is the back of the clock canister. It was marked as follows:




FoMoCo 12V

Patents 3112605 & 3137122

Someone also scratched a 1972 date on the can, though I have no idea what this was for (service perhaps?). The light wire insulation was stripped back, so this needed to be corrected (a bit of heat-shrink tubing did the trick).

This is the new quartz clock mechanism from Instrument Services.

This is the original clock mechanism. The electric winder can be seen in the right-center of the picture (looks like a set of ignition points).

Removing the hands was the worst part for me. I was very worried about damaging them, but it turns out that if you grip them in the center of the clock, any damage done will be hidden from view by the ornament on the bezel.

Original mechanism removed. I was actually able to sell it on Ebay for $22!

New quartz mechanism installed.

Some of the small parts that came with the conversion kit.

Clock back in it's housing (still has the old wiring).

Closer view of the final product. The specs on the face of the clock were not easily removable.

The tachometer I got was for an 8 cylinder, so I needed to have it converted to a 6 cylinder. This was done, along with calibration, by H&H Automotive ("The TachMan") for about $200 (including replacing a few burned out parts). The conversion appears to have involved soldering another capacitor (brown square) in parallel with the two existing green ones.

Back of the tachometer case (still has the old wiring). The fluorescent-green sticker was put on by H&H Automotive as a warranty sticker. The case was marked as follows:




PATENT NO. 3005155