Well, our family finally grew a bit too big for the cars we had. Not interested in purchasing a "boring" car just yet, we picked up a 2004 Mazda RX-8 from our local dealer, Mazda of Roswell. For 2004, Mazda sold the RX-8 with only 3 option "packages" (beyond the base model), plus a few add-ons such as the DVD-navigation system. Because of my height (>6 feet), I cannot drive a car this size with a sunroof, which limited me to the base model or the Sport package. This turns out not to be a big deal, as the only options I considered from the higher-end packages were leather seats (which I got the dealer to install anyway) and the Bose audio system (which I passed on as the Mazda audio system is pretty good anyway, and let's face it, the real music comes from the engine).

This is not to say that I have left the car alone:

Mazda Night Lights (Foot Lamps)

Heated External Mirrors

JDM Clear Corners

Fog Light Rewiring

Ground Kit



Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Flwheel / Short Shifter

Engine Parts

Track Seat

Below are links to the official Mazda brochures for the 2004 model year:

Original 2004 RX-8 brochure with incorrect 250-hp rating

Corrected 2004 RX-8 brochure with 238-hp rating

Accessories for 2004 RX-8

Below are links to the Mazda Service Manuals. I got these several years ago, but don't remember where from and there doesn't appear to be any copyright in them, so up they go:

Section1: Info

Section 2: Engine Problems

Section 3: Engine Details

Section 4: Engine Control

Section 5: Transmission

Section 6: Drivetrain

Section 7: Brakes

Section 8: Steering

Section 9: Suspension

Section 10: HVAC

Section 11: Body

Section 12: Safety

Section 13: Electrical

This is an illustrated part catalog for the RX-8 from Mazda:

Illustrated Parts Catalog