Sailing, 1993

In 1993, we did some heavy-duty sailing. I was up at the lake 3 or more days a week on average, and served as Fleet Captain and Commodore of the Georgia Tech Sailing Club. It was a heck of a year!

Spring Break with the Georgia Tech Sailing Club at Panama City Beach, Florida.

Adrift during Reggae Regatta at Lake Lanier aboard the Hobie 33.

Our introduction to the Carribean. Green Turtle Key in the Abacos. We came down for a 2-week race week!

Racing off Green Turtle Key.

Racing off Green Turtle Key.

Our Hobie 33 was named "HalfCat".

"Death of Everyman", by Randolph Johnson on Little Harbor, Abaco.

Light house at Hopetown.

View from the Hopetown light house.

To the bar, or to the museum?

And we took home several trophies!

Back to Fort Walton Beach, Fl.

Fort Walton Beach.

Fort Walton Beach.

"Fly a Hobie Cat." Fort Walton Beach.

Fort Walton Beach.

"Gotten' it up lately?" Fort Walton Beach.

A cold Monica in Fort Walton Beach.

Sailing during the blizzard of '93 at Lake Lanier on a Santana 20.

It was cold, but boy was the air good!